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Alarming Statistics!

• Five out of seven inmates are from broken homes

• The Colorado prison population is growing rapidly and is now at 23,000.

• After release from prison, 70% of inmates return within three years.

Miraculous Statistics!

An example of God’s enabling power: less than 5% of inmates who complete a series of Bible correspondence courses while in jail will return to prison while 70% of the general prison population returns.

The Dilemma

In 1993, the Colorado legislature passed the Long Bill removing seven full-time prison chaplains from the state payroll. That action has removed essentially all evangelical chaplains from state-sponsored prison ministry. Over 23,000 inmates in 23 prison facilities will not hear about the transforming power of Christ and His redeeming work on the cross.

The Opportunity

Many inmates, in their search for identity and struggle for survival, suddenly end up in prison and discover their total inability to handle life without God. In this state of mind, many are very receptive to the Gospel of grace. But they can not hear unless someone is there to tell them.

Our Response

Christian Chaplain Services Inc., a nonprofit corporation, has been formed to send evangelical chaplains back to the Colorado Department of Corrections and reach inmates for Christ. About 10 CCS chaplains are now working in several prisons and county jails. We need more people who are called by God to become chaplains.

Family Break-up
Loss of Identity
Moral Decay




"A Pastor of the church inside the razor wire at Limon Correctional Facility"

-- Chaplain Don Wibur